Who to invite to my child's party?

While having your child's party may seem like it should be an easy task, it can often become a BIG deal. Especially when your child is popular. One situation is, your child's classmates. Should you invite ALL the classmates. The short answer is "Yes". Granted your child's class size is 20-30. Don't worry, you will not get all 30. On average, you'll get about 15-20, if you invite 30. Many classmates will have other things to do that day or be sick, or have a game to go to,etc,etc,etc, 

Understood, you don't "like" that one mom in your child's class...but don't punish her child and not invite the child. Visa versa...you don't like one of the children in your child's class....he or she is a child...invite them to your child's party. Your child is smarter than you think and you are teaching your child even when you don't think you are teaching!